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Asexual Supernatural Mini Bang

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Ace SPN Mini Bang
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A mini bang celebrating asexuality in Supernatural.
Welcome to the Asexual Supernatural Mini Bang community!

This is a challenge focusing on portraying characters from the television series Supernatural as asexual. In this challenge, authors and artists work together to - respectively - produce fiction and accompanying works of art. All characters and pairings from the show Supernatural are accepted, as long as one or more is portrayed as asexual. For more information regarding the detailed requirements for this challenge, a complete list of rules can be found here.

2014-2015 Schedule

This challenge will be held mainly on the Asexual Supernatural Mini Bang tumblr, which can be found here. However, important links and announcements will still be posted on this community, and all you need to sign up/participate is an email, though it would be helpful to have a tumblr and/or livejournal as well.

Some basic rules that you should not need to be told, but that we will remind you of anyway:
1. This challenge is hate-free, and bashing of characters, pairings, other users, etc. will not be tolerated. It is an expectation that you treat everyone you interact with kindly and respectfully.
2. This relates to our next point, which is that you please follow all rules and guidelines for this challenge. It will help make everything run smoothly!
3. All work must be your own, and should be unique to this challenge. (In other words, no plagiarism!)
4. By choosing to take part in this challenge, you are making a commitment. Therefor, as an author/artist/beta it is expected that you will do your very best to stick to the predetermined timeline. If anything irl comes up that prevents you from doing that, please let us know as soon as possible.
5. To avoid answering the same questions over and over, please do look at our about page, our rules and requirements, our timeline, and our resources before asking any questions. That being said, we are here to help, so if you do have a question that has not already been answered, contact us at acespnbang, through our tumblr askbox, or via email at acespnbang@gmail.com.

Asexual Supernatural

Credit for graphics goes to swordofthehost.

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