If you love asexuality and Supernatural, this is the challenge for you! Artists will have from now until May 1 to create one or more pieces of art for your chosen story/stories. This could include a video, a fanmix, a podfic, digital art, a sketch, a painting, a drawing, or a photo-manip!

Click HERE to see available fics, and click HERE to sign up as an artist!

Asexual Supernatural Mini Bang - ROUND 2

The Ace SPN Mini Bang kicks off today, so come sign up to create some fantastic ace Supernatural content! To sign up as an author, click here. To sign up as a potential beta, click here.

Before you sign up, here’s some need-to-know:

  • Fics must be new and/or never posted publicly before

  • All stories must include at least one main character who falls somewhere on the asexuality spectrum

  • Minimum word count is 5k, and there is no maximum word count

  • All genres, ratings, crossovers, and pairings are welcome

For more information, check the about page and full list of rules. Note that the schedule has also changed slightly compared to last year: to see the full timeline, click here. If you have any questions that aren’t already answered, send in an ask!

What else can you do?

Can’t wait to get this challenge started - sign up now!!!

(As with last year the challenge will take place mainly on tumblr, but I'll try to update this LJ too.)

Masterpost 2014-15

Hello everyone! Clearly, this challenge was run mostly through tumblr; while we tried to keep up with the posting here on LJ, it didn't end up working out too great. But this was still a really, really, really great challenge, and congrats to everyone who participated! You all did a wonderful job, and there was a ton of amazing fic and art produced.

A masterpost has now been posted on our tumblr with links/descriptions for all of the fic and art, and all of the fic and art should also now be added to the ASMB 2014-15 collection on AO3. Please take a look at all twenty-five fabulous entries that we ended up getting!

There is a follow-up form on Google Docs that everyone who signed up for the ASMB (whether you were able to complete the challenge or not) should fill out if they have the chance - we want your feedback on how this round went, and how future rounds of the ASMB could be made better! To everyone who took part in the challenge, whether you participated as an author, artist, beta, cheerleader, or just a supporter of the bang and the making of more ace SPN fic: you are all fantastic, and thank you a bunch!

Stay tuned for (hopefully!) round two in the fall ~

Rough Drafts: DUE

Rough drafts are now due for both authors and artists! Remember, you do not need to be 100% done at this point, but you need to send us something to show that you’re making progress on your fic/art.

Your rough draft should be emailed to In your email, please include your prompt number (can be found in the reveal). If you have any questions, issues, concerns, etc. please also send them in with your rough draft. If you have any other questions about sending in your rough draft, our ask is open!

We don't want to have to hunt people down, so please just send us an email! We need to hear from you to know that you are still participating in the challenge.

Rough Drafts

Remember, rough drafts are due Friday, March 13. It just seemed like a good time to give you guys a heads-up, and a little more info. about what we’re looking for in rough drafts.

There is no specific point that you need to be at to turn in your rough draft. If you’re 100% done, fantastic! If you’re only 75% or 50% of the way through, or still in the planning/sketching stages, that’s fine too. Essentially, what we’re looking for from rough drafts is for you to show that you’re making progress on your fic/art and that you’ll be able to finish in time for posting. (And if you don’t think you’re at a point where you’ll be able to finish in time for posting, rough draft turn-ins would be a great time to mention that! We’re willing to discuss giving extensions to people who need a little extra time to finish.)

You’ll be turning in your rough drafts via email to You can include your fic/art in the body of the email or in an attachment (though if it’s an attachment please make sure it’s something easily open-able, like .doc, .docx, .pdf, etc.). Make sure to mention in the email your prompt number (found in the reveal and in previous emails we’ve sent you) because otherwise it’s hard to keep track of all the participants - there’s a lot of you! Also if you have any questions, concerns, issues, anything, feel free to include them in the email.

You’re welcome to turn in your rough draft early but again, the official due date is March 13.

Art Claims - DONE

Wow! Thank you so much to all of the artists who signed up for the ASMB, and everyone who helped signal boost. All fics have now been claimed! If you're an artist who didn't get a chance to sign up, you're still welcome to sign up as a pinch hitter (sign up form can be found here) - while we hope pinch hitters will not be necessary, you never know what is going to happen, so if you sign up as a pinch hitter we might call on you to help later in the challenge (if you're willing).

Links to the first artist check-in and second author check-in will be posted on LJ and tumblr on February 1, as well as sent out to all participants via email. It will be similar to the first author check-in, and we will, among other things, see how things are going schedule-wise. If needed, we can push back the dates!

Available Fics

We’ve got six unclaimed fics for the Asexual Supernatural Mini Bang; take a look at them below. If you’re an interested artist, here’s our claims form! You can also check out our rules, faq, timeline, and full list of summaries.


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sam, Dean, Gabe, background Sam/Dean, mostly Sam/Gabe

  • Summary: A timeline of Sam’s life with Ace goggles on, but in the end, he gets together with Gabe and they deal with all the shit they have both gone through.

  • Warning(s): sadness?


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sam Winchester / OFC

  • Summary: Sam Winchester doesn’t normally go after hook ups in the local bars like his brother, Dean, does. But one night, he makes a connection with a woman so great that it convinces him to give it a try. Super happy, fluffy Sam stuff.

  • Warning(s): No serious warnings! My story will be super tame, aside from a consensual sex scene between two adults.


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Gabriel/Cain; other characters - Abbadon, maybe Dean and Sam.

  • Summary: Gabriel and Cain give each other a reason to fight destiny. Takes place pre-pilot, but spoilers up to s9/10.

  • Warning(s): Character death, past suicide, violent behavior, probably xeno to some degree. Vessels. Genderswap and body transformations. Also I’m like 50% sure there will be cannibalism in a context of a case/job.


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, scattered OCs; Dean/OFC, referenced Dean/Castiel

  • Summary: There’s a string of deaths and missing person reports every few years in Detroit, but the city has never had a shortage of those, and a pattern does not a monster prove. Sam thinks there’s a case here, Dean thinks there’s something missing, and the girl at the diner thinks Dean is a soldier. (At least, when Dean’s sharing a bed with someone else, it feels more normal to let himself sleep.)

  • Warning(s): slight dubcon, SPN-level violence, instances of acephobia & homophobia, generally icky internal feelings about asexuality, PTSD


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sam Winchester/Kevin Tran

  • Summary: Sam hates his job. Kevin got dumped two months before he was supposed to get married. Sam doesn’t need to do much to persuade Kevin to leave their boring lives behind to move to New York City. Sam has a crush on Kevin but because he thinks he’s asexual doesn’t tell him because he doesn’t think that he can give him the relationship he deserves. As they spend more time together, Sam starts to feel sexual attraction towards Kevin. Kevin is now in a new relationship and Sam doesn’t want to ruin it. When Sam sees Kevin’s new boyfriend making out with someone else, he tells Kevin and they inevitably break up. Now that Kevin’s single, Sam wants to tell him how he feels, but he’s scared that Kevin won’t feel the same.

  • Warning(s): possible sex scene (I haven’t decided)


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Castiel/Dean Winchester, Sam, Benny, Charlie, Jo

  • Summary: Castiel wasn’t expecting Sam Winchester to walk into Dean’s diner, The Pride and Joy. Over fifteen years ago, John Winchester had grabbed Sam and left Dean to rot in a jail cell, falling off the face of the earth. But Sam’s here now, and he wants to reunite with his long lost brother. Castiel doesn’t know how to tell him that he’s a few months too late for that.

  • Warning(s): Major Character Death, Illness, AIDs

  • Notes: Asexual (maybe Aromantic?) Castiel, Bisexual Dean

1st Author Check-In

If you've been following our tumblr, then you'll know that the first author check-in is now available (and can be found by following this link: If you are an author, please fill out that check-in as soon as possible! Check out our tumblr for more info. on check-ins and art claims, which will be happening soon.