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25 January 2015 @ 08:08 pm
Art Claims - DONE  
Wow! Thank you so much to all of the artists who signed up for the ASMB, and everyone who helped signal boost. All fics have now been claimed! If you're an artist who didn't get a chance to sign up, you're still welcome to sign up as a pinch hitter (sign up form can be found here) - while we hope pinch hitters will not be necessary, you never know what is going to happen, so if you sign up as a pinch hitter we might call on you to help later in the challenge (if you're willing).

Links to the first artist check-in and second author check-in will be posted on LJ and tumblr on February 1, as well as sent out to all participants via email. It will be similar to the first author check-in, and we will, among other things, see how things are going schedule-wise. If needed, we can push back the dates!