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16 January 2015 @ 08:15 pm
Available Fics  
We’ve got six unclaimed fics for the Asexual Supernatural Mini Bang; take a look at them below. If you’re an interested artist, here’s our claims form! You can also check out our rules, faq, timeline, and full list of summaries.


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sam, Dean, Gabe, background Sam/Dean, mostly Sam/Gabe

  • Summary: A timeline of Sam’s life with Ace goggles on, but in the end, he gets together with Gabe and they deal with all the shit they have both gone through.

  • Warning(s): sadness?


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sam Winchester / OFC

  • Summary: Sam Winchester doesn’t normally go after hook ups in the local bars like his brother, Dean, does. But one night, he makes a connection with a woman so great that it convinces him to give it a try. Super happy, fluffy Sam stuff.

  • Warning(s): No serious warnings! My story will be super tame, aside from a consensual sex scene between two adults.


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Gabriel/Cain; other characters - Abbadon, maybe Dean and Sam.

  • Summary: Gabriel and Cain give each other a reason to fight destiny. Takes place pre-pilot, but spoilers up to s9/10.

  • Warning(s): Character death, past suicide, violent behavior, probably xeno to some degree. Vessels. Genderswap and body transformations. Also I’m like 50% sure there will be cannibalism in a context of a case/job.


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, scattered OCs; Dean/OFC, referenced Dean/Castiel

  • Summary: There’s a string of deaths and missing person reports every few years in Detroit, but the city has never had a shortage of those, and a pattern does not a monster prove. Sam thinks there’s a case here, Dean thinks there’s something missing, and the girl at the diner thinks Dean is a soldier. (At least, when Dean’s sharing a bed with someone else, it feels more normal to let himself sleep.)

  • Warning(s): slight dubcon, SPN-level violence, instances of acephobia & homophobia, generally icky internal feelings about asexuality, PTSD


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sam Winchester/Kevin Tran

  • Summary: Sam hates his job. Kevin got dumped two months before he was supposed to get married. Sam doesn’t need to do much to persuade Kevin to leave their boring lives behind to move to New York City. Sam has a crush on Kevin but because he thinks he’s asexual doesn’t tell him because he doesn’t think that he can give him the relationship he deserves. As they spend more time together, Sam starts to feel sexual attraction towards Kevin. Kevin is now in a new relationship and Sam doesn’t want to ruin it. When Sam sees Kevin’s new boyfriend making out with someone else, he tells Kevin and they inevitably break up. Now that Kevin’s single, Sam wants to tell him how he feels, but he’s scared that Kevin won’t feel the same.

  • Warning(s): possible sex scene (I haven’t decided)


  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Castiel/Dean Winchester, Sam, Benny, Charlie, Jo

  • Summary: Castiel wasn’t expecting Sam Winchester to walk into Dean’s diner, The Pride and Joy. Over fifteen years ago, John Winchester had grabbed Sam and left Dean to rot in a jail cell, falling off the face of the earth. But Sam’s here now, and he wants to reunite with his long lost brother. Castiel doesn’t know how to tell him that he’s a few months too late for that.

  • Warning(s): Major Character Death, Illness, AIDs

  • Notes: Asexual (maybe Aromantic?) Castiel, Bisexual Dean